Our experts support you in the preparation of procurement documents as well as in all court proceedings in the area of public procurement law.

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Public procurement law is a complex and not always familiar legal matter. Our experts have nationally and internationally recognized training in the field of public procurement law. Tailor-made advice and problem solving is our highest credo.

Preparation of a tender

You will receive advice and support from our experts when drawing up technical specifications, suitability criteria and award criteria.

Contract Editorial

In the context of procurements, it is advisable to compare the contracts with the procurement documents. Our experts have extensive knowledge in the area of contract drafting and review and will support you in all matters.

Judicial challenge

The legal challenge of procurement documents or awards or the defense of existing criteria or awards is one of our core capabilities due to several successful court cases. We are happy to support you in a court case.

Other competences

Our activities in procurement law include in particular:

  • Preparation and review of procurement documents

  • Expert opinions (e.g. procurement law applies)

  • Judicial disputes

  • Contract editing

  • Contract review

  • Advising procuring entities or suppliers on procurement law issues (e.g., in-house or supra-threshold discretionary contract awards

Real estate law

Our attorneys are experienced and professional advisors on property law and in particular condominium ownership.

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Insolvency law and restructuring

Our team advises companies, boards of directors, officers and creditors on all matters related to insolvency and restructuring.

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Contracts for work and services, Construction and planning law

Our area of practice includes private construction law, contract for work and services law as well as public construction and planning law.

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