The state and administrative law is a book with seven seals. Our lawyers will be happy to assist you in any matter between you and the state.

The legal relationship between the state and the citizen can be complicated. With our experienced and qualified team we help you to obtain a permit, subsidy or to defend against a state ban. We support and advise you in all matters of state and administrative law.

Approval and subsidy

The procedure for obtaining a grant is often complex and involves many pitfalls. Our lawyers are familiar with the law, know the problems and can support you in the process of obtaining a permit or subsidy.


The state always acts by decree. Our lawyers examine state orders for their legality and support you in challenging an unlawful order in due time.


Our lawyers have already had the privilege of assisting the federal government, cantons and municipalities in the legislative process and have extensive experience in the field of legislation. We are happy to support public authorities in the area of legislation. For private individuals, we review the legality of laws and ordinances and support them in challenging laws and ordinances that violate constitutional or federal law.

Other competencies

Our expertise in constitutional and administrative law includes, in particular, the following services:

  • Approval procedure

  • Concessions

  • Appeal procedure

  • Control of norms

  • Drafting and assistance in enacting laws and ordinances

  • Fees and charges

  • Administrative criminal law

  • Competition law

  • Expert opinions

Our attorneys are licensed to represent clients before the administrative judicial authorities and administrative courts and provide reliable and competent support to our clients.

Procurement law

Our experts support you in the preparation of procurement documents as well as in all court proceedings in the area of public procurement law.

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Compliance and investigations

Our practice area includes any matter related to governance, compliance and white collar criminal law, as well as internal and external investigations.

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Data protection law

Domenig & Partner is the right contact for data protection and data security. We advise and support our clients in every data protection-related matter, especially in connection with the GDPR, the DSG and the revDSG.

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Contract law

Our attorneys have extensive experience in all contractual matters. We advise our clients on national as well as international issues and transactions.

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