Our attorneys have extensive experience in all contractual matters. We advise our clients on national as well as international issues and transactions.

Anwalt Bern Vertragsrecht

We take care of both the drafting of contracts and general terms and conditions as well as the enforcement of contractual claims. Our goal is to draft well thought-out contracts for our clients in order to ensure fulfillment and prevent legal disputes.


With the help of our high-quality modules, which are always adapted to the latest legislation and case law, our lawyers draft contracts and GTCs tailored to your needs.


Our experts review your contracts with regard to your interests and the current legal situation and case law. They will make suggestions for improvements and support you throughout the entire process.


In addition to the contracts mentioned in the other services, we deal with:

  • License agreements

  • Distribution agreements

  • Purchase agreements

  • Franchise agreements

  • Agency agreements

  • Joint venture agreements

  • Successive delivery contracts

  • Service contracts

Corporate and commercial law

Corporate and commercial law is one of the core areas of our business law firm. Our lawyers have legal and business expertise to provide reliable and comprehensive services to our clients.

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Procurement law

Our experts support you in the preparation of procurement documents as well as in all court proceedings in the area of public procurement law.

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Tenancy law

Our attorneys advise private and institutional landlords on all aspects of landlord-tenant law.

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