Does your board need help? Then we have the optimal solution with our administration service.

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Focus on operational business

Our Board of Directors' Desk consists of experienced lawyers who act as secretaries to the members of the Board of Directors. They also advise the Board of Directors on legal matters and problems. The following is an overview of our services:

  • Invitations, documentation and minute-taking for meetings and general meetings

  • Management of the share register

  • Digital access with login for all board members to the board desk with all documents

  • Contact person for organizational questions and ambiguities

  • Support with legal questions within the board of directors

  • Correspondence with the Commercial Register (for mutations, changes of registered office, etc.)

With the support of our lawyers, the board of directors and the management can concentrate more on their operational activities: Thanks to our expert knowledge, minutes and documentation are kept in a legally correct manner, drafted expeditiously and filed clearly - a significant saving of time and nerves, which accumulates above all over time. In addition, by creating a neutral body, information can be kept completely confidential.