Our field of activity in the context of project management includes in particular compliance projects.

Projektleitung Anwalt Bern

Compliance with new laws and regulations is one of the duties of all companies. It is essential to avoid violations of the law in order to avoid fines, liability and reputational damage. We are the right partner for compliance projects of any kind.

Our Compliance Team

New legal regulations are often difficult to implement and often require adjustments in the structures of the company (compliance structures). However, companies often lack the personnel or technical resources to implement them.

This is where our compliance team comes in: It supports our clients in the implementation of existing and new legal regulations. In this way, we ensure reliable and speedy implementation of new regulations.

Our compliance team has extensive experience in managing compliance projects. In doing so, our team proceeds according to the proven project management method HERMES.

Tenancy law

Our attorneys advise private and institutional landlords on all aspects of landlord-tenant law.

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Compliance and investigations

Our practice area includes any matter related to governance, compliance and white collar criminal law, as well as internal and external investigations.

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Contract law

Our attorneys have extensive experience in all contractual matters. We advise our clients on national as well as international issues and transactions.

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