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We are the law firm for business leaders, their companies and senior managers (C-Level). All of our solicitors have the highest level business management qualifications.

Unlike traditional law firms, we see ourselves as a team and thus generate added value for our clients. Our well-established cooperation within the team enables us to approach the challenges from an interdisciplinary perspective. Efficient and individual solutions are always paramount.

Facts & Figures


At Hirschengraben

Our offices are located at Hirschengraben 2. We are looking forward to welcoming you at our traditional office.


Teaching commitments

Our lawyers are dedicated to academic excellence and have teaching commitments at universities and further education colleges. In this way, we support the next generation and contribute to the quality education of young lawyers.



We attach great importance to our corporate culture. All our employees contribute to the success of our clients and our company.


Out-of-court settlements

we were able to achieve already (in 2018, we had 28 / in 2019 we had 34 / in 2020 we had 48). Litigation is very costly and often takes years. Often an out-of-court settlement is more sustainable. We love the challenge of negotiation tactics and strategy.


Hours of legal training Ausbildung

completed by our team. And this is just our current level of achievement. All our employees undergo continuous training so that we are always up to date with the latest case law.



currently benefit from our 24/7 advice on all legal matters. For these companies we operate as an external legal department (corporate housekeeping). As a result, our clients no longer require their own lawyers and can always rely on us.

Our team

We are a well-established team and work together to tackle the challenges facing our clients. Each one of us has an important role to play. Click on the image to find out more about each team member.

Benjamin Domenig Benjamin Domenig
Benjamin Domenig

M.A. HSG in Law and Economics
Lawyer and partner

Christian Mitscherlich Christian Mitscherlich
Christian Mitscherlich

Lawyer and partner

Claudio Gür Claudio Gür
Claudio Gür

M.A. HSG in Law and Economics
Lawyer and associate

Cédric Miehle Cédric Miehle
Cédric Miehle

Lawyer and associate

Chantal Lutz Chantal Lutz
Chantal Lutz

Lawyer and associate

Sebastian Köpp Sebastian Köpp
Sebastian Köpp

M.A. HSG in Economics

Hava Ramadani
Hava Ramadani

Junior Associate

Christoph Domke Christoph Domke
Christoph Domke

Junior associate

Mauro Rappo Mauro Rappo
Mauro Rappo

Legal employee

Lukas Stoller Lukas Stoller
Lukas Stoller

Legal employee

Oliver Strässler
Oliver Strässler

Legal Employee

Simon Hagi Simon Hagi
Simon Hagi


Anja Flükiger Anja Flükiger
Anja Flükiger


Simone Schelb Simone Schelb
Simone Schelb


Kimberly Rossel
Kimberly Rossel


Henrik Schoop Henrik Schoop
Henrik Schoop

MSc Business Administration
Chairman of the board of directors

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